Fountain Soda and CO2


Libros distributes a full line of fountain soda and juices. We have teamed up with Al’s beverage a leading fountain soda manufacturer. Our relationship with Al’s means we can provide you with high quality dispensing equipment and Co2. We provide an extensive variety of great tasting nationally and regionally branded fountain sodas. All of these products are backed up with installation and service by experienced qualified fountain technicians. Whether you dispense with countertop machines or bar guns we’ll make installations fast clean and easy.

soad9280241XSmallWhy switch to Libro’s ?

  • We will save you money
  • We will provide you with great tasting perfectly adjusted fountain soda and juices
  • Our 24/7 hassle free service on equipment
  • Low price tank swap out of Co2 for soda and beer

If you want to become more profitable with no hassles [who doesn’t] give us a call we’ll meet with you and show you what we can do for your business


John Libro   860-246-9699

Nationally Branded

7 Up

RC Cola

Diet Rite Cola

Dr. Pepper

Sunkist Orange

Canada Dry Ginger Ale

Mistic Plain Tea

Mistic Sweet Tea w/Lemon

Mistic Raspberry Tea

Mistic Fruit Punch

Stewarts Root Beer

Stewarts Diet Root Beer

Country Time Pink Lemonade

Regionally Branded

Al’s Cola

Al’s Diet Cola

Al’s Lemon Up

Al’s Diet Lemon Up

Al’s Ginger Ale

Al’s Tonic

Al’s Grape

Al’s Orange

Al’s Root Beer

Al’s Dark Birch Beer

Al’s Clear Birch Beer

Al’s Cream Soda

Al’s Cherry Cola

Al’s Plain Tea

Al’s Sweet Tea

Al’s Fruit Punch

Al’s Pink Lemonade

Al’s Lemonade

Al’s Diet Lemonade

Al’s Lemonade w/Vit. C

Al’s Strawberry

Al’s Blue Raspberry

Al’s Vanilla Soda

Post Mix Sour

RTU Sour Mix

Specialty Sodas

Ginger Beer

Pineapple Soda

Island Grape Soda

Island Orange Soda

Sports Drinks

Pro-Ade Orange

Pro-Ade Lemon Lime

Pro-Ade Fruit Punch

Pro-Ade Mountain Freeze


Red Sun Energy Drink

Fountain Juices

100% Fruit Punch

100% Grape Juice

100% Apple Juice

100% Orange Juice

Grapefruit Juice

Cranberry Juice

Pineapple Juice

Prune Juice

Orange Juice Blend

Apple Juice Blend

Grape Juice Blend

Orchard Frost 100% Juice Slush

Blue Raspberry

Fruit Punch


White Lemonade


Additional Products

CO2 / Beer Gas / Nitrogen Gas

Ice Machines

Water Filtration Systems