Dairy, Eggs and Egg Products


We stock Butter Products and cream in various packs and sizes pertaining to the food service industry.

  • Cabot Butter Solids, salted, salt free, 83% and whipped
  • Margarine and Butter Blend
  • Butter Pc’s in, foil, reddies, cups, and chips
  • Cream cheese, Ricotta, Sour cream, Cottage cheese.


eggs8870511XSmallToday, eggs come in many food service friendly sizes and preparation options for the chef and baker. We carry many of these convenient  packages including the following, carton, loose, organic, cage free, pasteurized,  liquid eggs, Cook n’ Bag, yolks, whites and hardboiled. Our eggs are delivered fresh with long expiration codes. Give us a call today we’ll make getting started easy, fast and at the right price.